Review: Kylie Cosmetics Merry Lip Kit

Let’s be honest: Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most controversial brands on the market. I didn’t buy this product because I’m a fan of the Kardashians, honestly, I don’t care about them one way or the other. This review is about the product, not about Kylie as a person.

That being said, I was incredibly excited to receive my package from Kylie Cosmetics. I’ve heard mixed reviews about her lip kits, and I wanted to try them out for myself.

First thing I noticed about the Merry Lip Kit ($30) was the packaging is absolutely stunning. The product came in a beautiful silver box with a bow and the classic Kylie drips. The unit carton doubles as an ornament. The lipstick itself comes in a silver packaging and the lip liner has silver lettering.


_MG_6262 copy.jpg

Now, on to what everyone wants to know: is this worth the $30?

I have a love hate relationship with this lip kit. I absolutely adore the color, it’s a stunning deep red that is perfect for the holidays. The lip liner is creamy and goes on smooth, however, the liquid lipstick is where I have issues.

The liquid lipstick is okay if you fill in your entire lips with the lip liner and don’t plan to eat anything. I wore this lipstick on a day out with my family and it was perfect until after lunch. I didn’t eat anything oily either – I had relatively dry chicken and rice that I ate carefully with a fork. When I tried to touch up the lipstick, the dried layer started to come off and became patchy, and forget trying to take it off – you need to have heavy duty makeup remover to get this sucker off to reapply. Even after I was able to get it completely off at the end of the day, it stained my lips red in patches.

Here is the verdict: this lipstick is great if you are just going out for a couple hours and don’t plan on needing to touch up. The lip liner is great. However, I don’t believe the price tag on this one is worth it – the lip liner is almost identical to Colourpop and the liquid lip doesn’t live up to the hype.

I do have two more Kylie liquid lipsticks to try out, I will let you know if those colors perform better than this one.

xoxo, Jenna

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I was not paid to write this review. All products were purchased with my own money. 



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