Review: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Face Masks

If you want to pamper your face on a budget, look no further. The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Face Masks ($4.29) are 6 oz of face mask for under $5. On top of that, these face masks are almost always buy one get one 50% off at Ulta.

As you can see in the photo, the Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask has been shown some love. I have had this tube for probably 6 months. I use this one once or twice a week, and I still have about a third of the bottle left. The other two, the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask and the Mint and Lemon Clay Mask, I purchased more recently, but they are the same quality.

Now these don’t do anything crazy for my skin, but they do keep it feeling fresh, soft and moisturized. The Anti-Stress mask is incredibly relaxing and makes my skin feel so refreshed. The Avocado mask helps clear out my pores (not as well as my GLAMGLOW Supermud, but this one is much more gentle) and the Lemon mask helps clear out my skin on my bad oily days.

Honestly, some face masks can be $2 – $5 per use, and this one is $4.29 for like 20+ uses. These are definitely guilt-free pampering.

If you are thinking about looking into these, they have a whole range of masks for different skin types and different problems. I found these at Ulta in the skin care section.

What’s your favorite face mask? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Jenna

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I was not paid to write this review. All products were purchased with my own money.

3 thoughts on “Review: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Face Masks

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