Colourpop Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin, Ultra Glossy Lips Review and Swatches


Colourpop has been steadily growing as an incredible, affordable e-commerce makeup company. They have everything from liquid lipsticks to eyeshadows to highlighters and much more. Most of their products are amazing quality especially for the price point, but every once and awhile there is a dud. Here are my opinions on their liquid lipsticks and glosses.

The liquid lipsticks come in two formulas: Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin. They also have lip glosses which as the Ultra Glossy lips. All three formulas are $6 each.

I own:

Ultra Mattes – Time Square, Clueless, Viper

Ultra Satins – Spritz, Alyssa, Frick n Frack

Ultra Glossy – Tight Fit, Sookie

From left to right: US – Frick n Frack, Alyssa, Spritz UM – Viper, Clueless, Times Square UG – Sookie, Tight Fit

Out of all three formulas, Ultra Satin is my favorite. The Ultra Satins are incredibly comfortable, opaque and long wearing. They aren’t completely transfer proof and they don’t try all the way down, but I’m okay with that because of how comfortable they are. My favorite shade is Frick N Frack because it’s a beautiful muted brick red.

The Ultra Mattes are true to the name – these suckers dry down incredibly matte. However, they do tend to dry out my lips. It’s not unbearable, but I definitely have to exfoliate and moisturize before using these. They aren’t my favorite just because I already have dry lips, but for those of you who like a super matte lip, these are a great price. Also, the color range is amazing. My favorite color is Times Square because it’s a gorgeous nude.

The Ultra Glossy is a so-so formula for me. I’m not huge on lipgloss to begin with, but I do like these. They are glossy but not super sticky and they have great pigment. My biggest issue isn’t the product’s fault – I have long hair so when it’s windy sometimes my hair will accidentally get stuck in the gloss. With the darker one (Sookie) it can be dangerous because my hair has made streaks on my face with it on a particular windy day.

Overall, I think the Colourpop lipsticks are awesome for the price point, and they have almost any color you can imagine. Do you have a favorite shade? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Jenna

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own. 


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