Barndiva Healdsburg Review

For my boyfriend’s birthday, my family and I wanted to try something new. We picked Barndiva in Healdsburg, and it was a delicious evening.

Goat Cheese Croquettes at Barndiva Healdsburg. (Photo / Jenna Fischer)
We started with the Goat Cheese Croquettes ($10) and the BD Frites ($12). The croquettes were little bites of cheese fried heaven, and were beautifully paired with the lavender honey. The BD Frites were delicious – but $12 is a little steep for criss-cut fries.

Filet Mignon at Barndiva Healdsburg. (Photo / Jenna Fischer)
Three out of the four of us ordered the Pan Seared Filet Mignon ($42), and the other person ordered the Duck Leg Confit ($28). I had the Filet Mignon – and I just about licked my plate clean. The steak was tender and cooked perfectly, the potato was tasty and the green beans were a fresh touch. I had a bite of the duck and I’ve decided I’ll be ordering that next time.

Pot de Creme at Barndiva Healdsburg. (Photo / Jenna Fischer)
To finish off the meal, we shared the Chocolate Pot de Creme.  It was a lovely sweet touch to the end of the meal.

I love the fresh, farm-to-table vision of Barndiva. I would’ve loved to sit on the back patio, but there happened to be a wedding the day we visited.

This is a high end restaurant so the prices aren’t cheap, so it not somewhere I would eat at for a regular weekday dinner. However, Barndiva was absolutely delicious and I would recommend it for a special occasion dinner.

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