Stellar Skin Studio Cotati Review

I had my very first facial ever at Stellar Skin Studio in Cotati this week – and boy let me tell you, I had no idea what I was missing out on. I have never felt more relaxed in my entire life (that’s a lot coming from someone who suffers from anxiety!).

To give some background on my skin: I do some at-home skin care, but my skin can be a little tricky. It’s oily in some parts, dry in others, and can get really red from rosacea. Especially because of the redness, I tend to wear full coverage make-up which can clog my pores and give me acne.

When I got to Stellar Skin Studio, it was after a long and stressful week so my skin had definite breakout spots. Laura was able to take a look and see exactly what kind of facial I needed.

Stellar Skin Studio // Photo Jenna Fischer

First of all, the atmosphere of Stellar Skin Studio is so serene. There is relaxing music playing, and when you walk into the room it’s so cute and comforting. On top of that, Laura is incredibly sweet and welcoming.

The facial itself was absolutely amazing. She works in a neck and shoulder massage as well, which puts you in a state of total relaxation. Each facial is catered to what your skin needs so the process is a bit different for everyone – but for me it felt less like someone cleaning my face but more like just a total check out into a zen space. I’m almost always hyper aware of my surroundings because I have anxiety, but Laura’s facial was so relaxing and healing that when it was over I felt so relaxed and refreshed.

iS Clincal Products // Photo Jenna Fischer

In addition to the amazing facial, the products she uses are awesome. The whole iS Clinical line is medical grade and made my skin feel new and refreshed. I picked up the Tri-Active Exfoliant to use once a week, and Laura gave me samples of some of the other amazing products that I plan to work into my routine.

I absolutely recommend treating yourself to a facial at Stellar Skin Studio, I will be definitely be going back as a returning customer!

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