My Hair Journey: From Bleached to Balayage

We’ve all had interesting aesthetic phases – some of us plucked our eyebrows away, some   wore raccoon eye liner and some dyed their hair crazy colors. In my case, I dyed my hair several shades of red between ruby and burgundy.

Now, I think burgundy hair is gorgeous – but when your roots keep growing out dirty blonde, it’s not so cute. I was dying my hair at least once a month and it was taking a huge toll on my hair.

So lets back up to Spring 2016, my sophomore year of college. I was dying my hair a deep burgundy for several months (with cheap box dye) and was sick of the upkeep. So, like any college student, I tried to find a quick and cheap solution (which doesn’t quite work with hair). My first mistake was thinking I could fix it myself – I thought putting brown over the red would look fine. It turned my hair basically black.

Now black was really not going to work. Then a friend offered to bleach my hair after I did a color stripper (I’m cringing with you), and I let her. Now let me tell you. It was a MESS. I have no idea why anyone let me do that, let alone let me out of the house lookin the way I was.

So at this point, I knew it was time to seek professional help. That’s when I found Michelle. I sent her a DM on Instagram and sheepishly asked her if there was anything she could do, and one gnarly color correction later, I had a beautiful balayage.

My ultimate goal was to get back to my natural hair color and get my hair healthy again, so once the original balayage started to grow out, we did a few several-inch chops, toning appointments, and blending highlights.

Now, two years later, my hair was all the way to my natural color and much healthier. We just added some highlights for spring, and I will only trust Michelle with my hair. Check out Michelle’s work on her Instagram here, and check out her salon that she owns with her twin sister, Nicholle, here.

See images of my hair journey below!

Natural hair color (for reference)
Dyed burgundy (circa Fall 2015)
Left: Before (after attempting to bleach red) Right: After initial color correction
A few months of regrowth + hair cut
Highlights + tone
Haircut + tone (after growing out highlights)
Most recent highlights (2 years after initial appt with Michelle)

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