5 Sonoma County Wines to Try on The Wine Road

Sonoma County may not have beautiful blankets of snow in the wintertime, but we have the opportunity to visit amazing wineries all year round. Right now is one of the best times to visit, as the holiday season has wound down and tasting rooms are less crowded.

Last weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to attend Winter WINEland by The Wine Road. The Wine Road is an association of almost 200 wineries and 54 lodgings in the Alexander, Dry Creek, and Russian River valleys of Northern Sonoma County. I had an incredible time finding tasting rooms I hadn’t been to before and tasting all sorts of wine.

Here are my five favorite wines I tasted during Winter WINEland!


La Crema Sparkling Brut Rosé & 2015 Fog Veil Pinot Noir

First of all, I LOVED the La Crema tasting room in Healdsburg. Even though it was a rainy day, the space felt bright and spacious, and the staff was incredibly kind and attentive even though they were busy with multiple guests. I absolutely adored the Sparkling Brut Rosé  ($40) as it was perfectly crisp with a hint of citrus, I would highly recommend for bubble lovers! (ok, the grapes from this one actually come from Willamette Valley – but La Crema is a Sonoma County winery!)

I also enjoyed their 2015 Fog Veil Pinot Noir ($65), as it had the depth of flavor you would expect from a rich Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. I can imagine this wine pairing perfectly with an earthy mushroom dish, or with some strawberries and dark chocolate.

Clos Du Bois Lightly Bubbled Rosé

For all my rosé lovers out there: the 2017 Clos du Bois Lightly Bubbled Rosé California ($24) is the PERFECT spring/summer rosé. One sip transported me straight into a summer state of mind, with sunshine, picnics and blooming flowers. I now have a bottle sitting on my wine rack at home, which I’m planning to save for warmer weather. I will note, this is a sweeter rosé (so if you are further into to dry rosé camp, see the below suggestion!).

img_6382Kobler Estates 2017 Bacigalupi Vineyards Chardonnay & 2017 Russian River Valley Rosé of Grenache

Kobler Estates tasting room is a hidden gem! Tucked a way down North Street a couple blocks from the Healdsburg Square, their tasting room is adorable and we had the opportunity to meet part of the Kobler family. They were incredibly sweet, and the wines were spectacular (as was evident by the multiple awards displayed in the tasting room!).

Typically, I’m not much of a Chardonnay gal – but the 2017 Bacigalupi Vineyards Chardonnay ($50) blew me away. It was light on the palate, with a lovely acidity and just a touch of oak. Being the rosé lover that I am, the 2017 Russian River Valley Rosé of Grenache ($24) was definitely a hit with me – it was on the drier side, and would pair absolutely perfectly with a picnic cheese plate! (Can you tell I’m ready for the warmth?)

Overall, the Winter WINEland was a great experience and I would recommend it as a way to find new favorites! Let me know your current favorite wine in the comments below

From right to left: Victoria, Amber, Stephanie, and me!

Disclaimer: The Wine Road provided me complimentary tickets to Winter WINEland. This post is in no way sponsored, and all images and opinions are my own.


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