Skincare Q&A with Laura Heath of Stellar Skin Studio

As I’ve talked about several times on my platforms, I absolutely adore Laura from Stellar Skin Studio, and I consistently go back to her for her top notch, luxurious facials. Additionally, she is always giving me great skincare advice. To share her expertise further, we did a Q&A of all of your questions!

Please note – Everyone’s skin is different, and to truly get the best results for your skin type, we recommend you consult an esthetician (like Laura!) to personalize your recommendations. These are general answers meant to give some basic tips, but it’s always better to go in-depth with your esti!

Q: How many times should I wash my face per day?

Laura: This totally depends on your skin type (whether you are oily, dry, etc.) but generally you want to wash your face once in the morning and once at night. If nothing else, make sure you are washing your face at night. Especially if you wear makeup, you’ll want to cleanse until everything is completely removed, which may require several steps.

Q: How often should I be getting facials?

L: As a general rule, I recommend my clients come in once a month to maintain results. However, if you have more acne prone skin, I may recommend once every two weeks depending on severity and treatment.

Q: What is Retinol, and when should I be using it? 

L: Retinol is an ingredient in skincare that helps with anti-aging (fine lines, wrinkles) and  acne. I recommend using a Retinol product as part of your nighttime routine.

Q: What are the skincare “basics” I should have in my routine?

L: Everyone needs a good cleanser, skin-type based serum, skin-type based moisturizer, and sunscreen!

Q: What type of face mask won’t dry out my face?

L: I would recommend sheet masks with hyaluronic acid, like the IMAGE Hydrogel Mask. Typically, you would want to stay away from any mask with clay to avoid drying effects.

Q: Are freckles bad for your skin?

L: No! They are just natural pigment of the skin. Embrace them! 🙂

Q: What’s the best way to get rid of blackheads?

L: Get a facial with extractions! Also, use a cleanser with salicylic acid. Stay away from pore strips!

QWhat is micro needling? 

L: Micro needling is a treatment that induces tiny “wounds” that causes a healing reaction in the skin, used to improve fine lines and wrinkles and to help the skin produce more collagen.

Thank you for all your questions! If you have additional questions, be sure to DM Laura at @StellarSkinStudio on Instagram or book one of her awesome services at!


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