Why Yoga is for Everyone (Not Just Fitness Gurus)

One look on Instagram and you'll see hundreds of pretty photos of insanely fit people in impossible positions and think to yourself "Yoga? I can't do that." Don't let Instagram fool you. On a daily basis, yoga isn't this serene, perfect routine. It's a lot of hard work and a lot of sweat, and but it's incredibly rewarding and it's not just for the impossibly fit, beautiful people. Yoga is for everyone, and it's about finding the practice that works best for you.

Winter Skincare Favorites

Even though the Bay Area has pretty mild weather compared to the blizzard of a winter on the East Coast, the colder air can still dry out my skin. I have combination skin – which means my T-zone (nose + forehead) get oily while I get dry patches on the rest of my face. This becomes quite a pain when the temperature drops. For those of you who feel my pain (or just want to check out some awesome products), here are my current skincare favorites!